May 10, 2010

YAS Fitness Center: hottest Yoga hybrid in the fitness industry has franchised


“A job is just a job unless you are doing what you love, what you are passionate about,” says Kimberly Fowler, YAS founder.  “I’m looking for entrepreneurial spirits who want to make a difference in people’s lives.”

Fowler herself “just jumped” from the corporate world 8 years ago when she went from being COO and general council of a $200-million dollar vitamin company to create YAS.  Now, she’s also become a fitness icon, an author and a motivational speaker. 

YAS Franchise Inc is the newest of Fowler’s four YAS branded-fitness-related companies.  The combined earnings put her in the top 3% of women-owned businesses nationwide.  Women dominate at YAS.  Of its 30 employees, 28 are women.  

Based in Venice California, the fitness capital of the world, what makes YAS unique is it’s “New Spin on Yoga.” The YAS class mixes indoor cycling with Fowler’s signature Yoga for Athletes® class, which was called “Zen on Wheels” by Self magazine. YAS Fitness Centers have been featured on CNN and in numerous fitness and women’s magazines. 

Yoga itself is a $6-billion dollar industry and yoga hybrids are the fastest growing aspect of the yoga industry. As a trend-setter, Fowler and YAS Fitness Centers are at the forefront.  But it’s not only about making money.

“YAS Fitness Centers care about more than just creating a hip space for people to workout,” says Fowler.  “We care about the community we go into and the world we live in.” As a YAS Fitness Center Franchisee you will have an opportunity to truly make a positive difference in people’s lives.  

Fowler says she’s only interested in executives who have their heart in fitness and who want to be actively involved in the franchise. “We are looking for people who are into fitness themselves and who are passionate about changing people’s lives.”